Apex Legends – WOW

flovent with insurance If you play video games then you have to of heard about Apex Legends by now! This game has caught the attention of millions in a short period of time and it’s not for nothing. Apex Legends has a variety or attributes that make it a very exciting game to play. The main thing that caught my eye is the balance of ‘legend’s abilities’ in the game and how no matter which combination of legends you put together the teams are always pretty well balanced, with the difference maker being the players ability to play his or her legend along with knowing how to handle your weapons. Another twist that greatly impacts the game and the end result is that Apex Legends is a team game. Meaning you cannot play it alone, it is possible but only if your teammates disconnect during matchmaking or during the match, this is not recommended as it decreases your chances of winning as most other teams will have two or more players to eliminate, it is possible but very difficult. Overall this game is very fun to play and the characters abilities add a fun twist and a bit of overall excitement to the game. Now that’s not to say that this game doesn’t have its flaws, due to the game being a team game, cooperation is very important and sometime your teammates don’t seem to be on the same page about where to land and how to proceed, this can be a downfall for a great player or a boost for those needing some help, depending on how you look at it, to me the balance of good and bad is perfect and I think this game will be around for a long time.

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